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Noodle Production Line

  • Hanging Noodle Production Line
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    Hanging Noodle Production Line

    The whole production line is highly controlled automatically; less manual operation meets the security of the sanitation and the requirement of the enterprise scale production. Processing Procedure Saline-alkali water mixing---->Quantitative adding water---->Dough...
  • Fried Instant Noodle Production Line
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    Fried Instant Noodle Production Line

    Description 1. Salt Water Mixer: water mixed with additive such as salt, alkali. 2. Brine metering device: measuring the water demand for every pot flour so as to control quantitatively the salt waer volu me from salt water mixer into dough mixer. 3. Dough mixer: flour and...
  • Non-fried Instant Noodle Production Line
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    Non-fried Instant Noodle Production Line

    Non-fried instant noodle production line is a complete set of equipment to produce healthy and environmental instant noodles based on non-high temperature fried technology . Characteristics of non-fried instant noodles production lineļ¼š 1. Adopting the high temperature rapid...
Guoyan Machinery, located in Guangzhou, China, is one of the professional manufacturers of noodle production line made in China, offering you the customized service with competitive price. Stable structure, reliable performance and strong durability are main advantages of the noodle production line. Welcome to get the customized products made in China from our factory.
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